We Rescued a Wet Puppy

We Rescued a Wet Puppy

I truly hope you are blessed in what you do thank you for helping the dogs God Bless and stay safeomg he is soooo gorgeous and i have to agree panda is a great name for him. could you please let me know how i would go about adopting and bringing him to the uk. thank you for saving all these babies and give arra a big hug for allowing all these different puppies to share her home for a while.Waow quel beau petit ange, Baloo lui irait bien, merci pour lui et tous ceux que vous avez sauvé, a lot of cuddles to him ❤❤❤

There is so much cruelty against defenseless puppies. They are abandoned, knowing they can’t feed themselves, or find shelter. Thank God there are just as many or more kind people than cruel ones. Thank you for rescuing this puppy, so sad they don’t understand why they are left alone, away from their mum . Hopefully this puppy will find a kind family to adopt it and find it’s forever home where it will flourish and never have to be alone again.He is one of the most beautiful puppies I have ever seen. He’s gorgeous. You think he might have some St. Bernard blood in him because he is going to be a big boy. After all he has suffered, and he has a fantastic personality. Whoever adopts this wonderful boy will be very lucky.



Thank you for saving him 👏 ! He is gorgeous and perfect 🥰! He is like a little Bear 😅, so why don’t you name him Bear?? Find him a forever loving family maybe with kids who could play with him 🙏 ! A+ 💞

I love watching animal rescue videos! It’s so nice to see this beautiful guy being saved and properly taken care of. You will have no problem finding a forever home for him. Please keep up the good work of rescuing animals who otherwise would not have a chance of having a good life. I have an older cat who doesn’t like dogs and I live in an apartment building, not a good environment for a dog. But, like I said, you will have no problem finding a good home for him.

There’s something about watching animals eat that always brings a smile. I always loved sharing potato chips and such with my dogs as watching them go crunch crunch was always hilarious to me! Good job PS people, keep up the good work.I love this channel so much I love dogs and this makes me cry😢. Love what you do I hope you continue to do this stuff 🙂so glad this beautiful boy👍 was rescued, what a difference you made to this sad puppy’s lifethank you for all the rescues of these helpless puppies👏👏👏I will support thisPoor Baby, he was afraid, cold and very hungry and he looks wet. He felt safe enough to fall asleep on the way home. How beautiful he is after his bath. A pretty little furball. Thank you so much for saving him and caring for him and for all that you do.

I’d say he is going to be a BIG boy. He is very sweet and cute. Hope he finds the home he deserves.

Thank you so much for your generosity for helping these pore puppy and dogs I am so grateful for you ! I can’t believe someone would do this to this poor puppy!! I think you should name him cookie!I hope this puppy gets a new home soon 🐕🐾 It’s too lonely out in the cold✨🐾 Panda 🐼 would be a good name ✨What an adorable little bundle, glad he’s safe now and clean! Thank you for what you do and God bless you. I think he should be called Fluffy, as he isYou rescuers of helpless animals are all great heroes. Thank you and I don’t think this pup will have any trouble finding a loving forever home as he is so adorable.

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