Wandering by the side of the road, only skin and bones, helping passers-by

Wandering by the side of the road, only skin and bones, helping passers-by

One afternoon, a group of friends was driving down a country road when they spotted something on the side of the road. As they got closer, they realized that it was a dog, thin and emaciated, with no collar or identification tags. The dog appeared to be in bad shape, with matted fur, dirty and dull eyes, and protruding ribs.

The friends were animal lovers and couldn’t bear the thought of leaving the dog alone, so they stopped their car and approached the dog slowly. To their surprise, the dog didn’t growl or bark at them but instead looked up at them with a sad expression.

They offered the dog some food and water, and it eagerly accepted. It was clear that the dog had been wandering for a long time and had not had a proper meal in a while.

After feeding the dog, the group discussed what they should do. They couldn’t leave the dog alone, and they knew that it needed medical attention. They decided to take the dog to a nearby animal shelter, hoping that it would receive the care it needed.

At the shelter, the dog was examined by a veterinarian who confirmed that it was severely malnourished and dehydrated. The dog had a long way to go to make a full recovery, but the veterinarian was confident that with proper care, it would get better.


The group of friends visited the dog regularly, bringing it food and toys, and spending time with it. They named the dog Lucky, as they felt that it was lucky to have been found by them.

Over time, Lucky started to regain its strength and energy. It put on weight and its fur began to shine again. The group of friends knew that they couldn’t leave Lucky in the shelter indefinitely, so they started to look for a permanent home for it.

They posted flyers around the town, telling Lucky’s story and asking for anyone who was interested in adopting a dog to come forward. To their delight, they received several responses from people who wanted to give Lucky a new home.

After careful consideration, they found a family that seemed like the perfect fit for Lucky. The family had two children who adored animals, a large backyard for Lucky to run around in, and plenty of love to give.

The day that Lucky left the shelter and went home with its new family was bittersweet for the group of friends. They were sad to say goodbye to Lucky, but they knew that they had done the right thing by helping it and finding it a loving home.

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