The Cutest Husky Puppies! My Dogs Are Afraid of Puppies

The Cutest Husky Puppies! My Dogs Are Afraid of Puppies

These puppies are so adorable, especially the one singing at the mirror. Monty’s watchful face as the puppy climbs all over Yuki is so cute! You must’ve had the most wonderful day.

So cute watching the little fur babies! Puppy baby poses are adorable! And Yuki studiously looking away but still patiently tolerating them is priceless! Not to mention Monty wanting to be a little puppy again! A very sweet video! Thanks for sharing!

It’s so nice to meet the puppies my friend, if I came to visit you one day, out of generosity and kindness, I’d help you look after the puppies 😁

Tiny husky songs always make me happy. They’re born ready to talkSoooo cuuuute❤❤❤❤ I would love to be they’re baby sitter!! LolA little sweet puppy stress for Yuki 😅 Beautiful and full sweetness video😍💝❤🐾🐶I could spend the whole day with them, kissing and petting, I wish..So cute. So little and already howling in front of the mirror 😊. Yuki: what are those little hairy crawly things 😂Sooo nice and fluffy all the puppies. Monty and yuki are so lovely. But yuki wanted to Look to the sie…

The puppies just make me feel all gushy because they are so precious. But I’m a little concerned or maybe I missed it, but where is the mom? Is she okay?

Made me cry I had to bottle feed a litter of 8 because mom got an infection an couldn’t nurse they were my life I still have ones ashes I gave the rest to loving homes and never thought to get money for them all I wanted is them to be loved i 😢 with everyone I gave away it was like giving up my children thank you for bringing back some great memories even though it made me cry.Beautiful puppy 🐶 ❤❤❤Gorgeous little tiny bundles of fluff that grow into BIG bundles….hmm….TONS of fluff!! 😂 ❤

Sweet, kind, kindest video🦮🐕‍🦺🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🔥 Thank you for the beautiful video 🥰👏🙏 Yuki Monty is super as always, well done👏 I love you, thank you for the super Videos🙏

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