Helpless kitten tries to wake mama after she passed away saving him from Dogs’ Attack!

It was a typical summer evening in a small suburban town. Everything was peaceful until a group of stray dogs entered the neighborhood. They were vicious and hungry, looking for anything they could find to satisfy their hunger. That’s when they spotted a mother cat and her kitten on the sidewalk. The mother cat knew what she had to do to protect her young one.

She quickly picked up her kitten in her mouth and ran towards the nearest building. The dogs followed them relentlessly, barking and growling. The mother cat managed to climb up the fire escape of the building, but just as she reached the top, one of the dogs bit her leg. She let out a loud meow of pain and fell to the ground, unconscious.

The kitten was safe, but his mother was not. He meowed and meowed, trying to wake her up. But there was no response. The mother cat had passed away from the injuries she sustained. The kitten was alone, scared, and helpless.

Fortunately, a woman who lived in the building heard the commotion and rushed to the scene. She saw the mother cat lying on the ground and the kitten meowing beside her. The woman quickly called for help and soon, a group of animal lovers arrived. They gently picked up the kitten and took him to safety.


The kitten was brought to a local animal shelter where he was given medical attention and nourishment. The shelter staff fell in love with him immediately. They named him Lucky because he was lucky to have survived the attack and lucky to have been rescued.

Lucky quickly adjusted to his new surroundings and made friends with the other cats in the shelter. But he never forgot about his mother. He would often meow softly, as if calling out to her. The shelter staff tried their best to comfort him, but they knew that nothing could replace a mother’s love.

As Lucky grew stronger and healthier, he became more playful and curious. He loved to play with toys and climb on top of things. The shelter staff knew that he needed a forever home where he could receive all the love and attention he deserved.

Finally, a family came to the shelter and fell in love with Lucky. They saw his sweet and loving personality and knew that he would be the perfect addition to their family. Lucky went home with them that day, and he was overjoyed.

Lucky’s new family provided him with all the love and care he needed. He had a warm bed to sleep in, plenty of toys to play with, and a human family that adored him. He never forgot about his mother, but he knew that she would be proud of him for overcoming his challenges and finding a loving home.

In the end, Lucky’s story had a happy ending. But it serves as a reminder of the importance of animal welfare and the need for humans to protect and care for animals. Lucky may have lost his mother, but he gained a family that loved him unconditionally.

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